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Welcome to Fine Arts

At the heart of our Fine Arts education is the conviction that both the performing and visual arts form a central and important role in education as well as in the life of every student.

At Allen Academy, we do not see art as something relegated to the fringe of student life, but rather as something that has a very central place in the education of our students. A strong art program develops a well-rounded mind because it enhances the student’s capacity for creative/critical thinking, analysis and judgment, imagining, problem solving, and of course personal expression. Our fine arts program invites students to be active participants in their world rather than mere observers of it, as many of our students have opportunities to compete and exhibit their expressions of the fine arts throughout the community.

While other schools may view the arts as elective offerings, Allen views the arts as a critical and necessary aspect of a superior education. To that end, all students in Preschool through Eighth grade participate in the fine arts. Allen is proud to offer many fine arts courses including general music, band, orchestra, drama, theatre production and design, visual art, digital art and art history. Students in the sixth through twelfth grades can also participate in annual spring and fall theater productions.