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Value of an Independent School

Allen Academy is an Independent School.

  • Independent schools are governed by their own boards of trustees.  They are financed by tuition payments, charitable contributions and endowment revenue, receiving little, if any, government funding.  They adhere to rigorous accreditation standards. What does this mean for parents, students and Allen Academy?
  • We have the freedom to develop our own one-of-a-kind curriculum, allowing for enormous variety and creativity in teaching, 课程内容和能力,以定制和加快课程,根据正规网赌软件下载的学生的需要.
  • 基于正规网赌软件下载的教育理念,正规网赌软件下载为教师建立了非常高的标准——正规网赌软件下载不受州指导方针的支配.
  • We are selective.  正规网赌软件下载通过选择高度重视优秀文科教育的学生和家庭,以及最符合正规网赌软件下载的使命和愿景的教师和管理人员来塑造正规网赌软件下载的学习社区.
  • We make the choice to have small class sizes, 密切关注每个孩子的优势和挑战,培养学生和教师之间有意义的关系.

The National Educational Longitudinal Study, conducted by the U.S. 发现就读于私立学校的学生:

  • 更有可能报名参加高级课程比在公共场合的同行, parochial and other private schools;
  • Watch only two–thirds as much television;
  • 更有可能参加校队或校内运动;
  • Are more likely to agree that students and teachers get along well, discipline is fair and teaching is good;
  • Lead the nation in postsecondary achievement;
  • Place a higher value on community service and civic participation.

独立学校通常被描述为为现实世界提供教育的学校. 正规网赌软件下载相信,正规网赌软件下载的毕业生已具备良好的社会适应能力,更有能力进入职场,或在高等教育方面表现出色.  Visit the National Association of Independent Schools website for more information on the value of an independent education.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why an independent school?

The goal of choosing a school is to match a child’s abilities, interests and needs with the most appropriate educational setting. Independent schools have unique missions, philosophies and core values. 对任何孩子来说,最好的学校就是最能满足他们需求的学校. 这个决定可能是在你孩子的教育生涯开始的时候,甚至是在“中途”. If an independent school was not your initial choice, at some point in your child’s education, 你可能决定你的孩子没有茁壮成长,你想追求一个不同的学习社区.


Independent, private, public….what’s the difference?

  • 由国家资助的公立学校对每个孩子都是免费的. There are many public schools options, including traditional, fundamental, magnet and charter schools. 公立学校坚持一套固定的课程,所有学生参加年度州标准化测试.

  • 私立学校通常有宗教信仰,由坚持某种哲学的家长和社区成员创办. 他们得到了宗教团体的支持,也得到了父母的资助.

  • 独立学校可能是世俗的,也可能是宗教的,并且可能建立在一种特殊的教育哲学之上. 他们由一个受托委员会管理,该委员会对学校全权负责,并独立获得资金, mostly through tuition. Independent schools are characterized by strong academics, adherence to quality standards, autonomy in choosing curriculum and adherence to school mission.

Why Choose an Independent School?

All types of schools typically administer annual standardized tests, 但非公立学校可以自由选择最符合其教育目标的测试项目, rather than state mandated tests.


What’s the process for applying to an independent school?

通过访问网站和和朋友交谈,了解你所在地区的学校之后, neighbors, business associates and colleagues, call the school to arrange for a campus tour while school is in session. During the tour, ask key questions regarding curriculum, faculty, mission, extra-curricular activities and accommodations. Each school’s process will be unique, but in general, 参观学校之后的步骤可能包括:完成申请, inquiring about a shadow date for your child, completing financial aid forms, if applicable, 安排任何必要的测试,并联系目前的学校获得成绩单, testing results and references forwarded.



独立学校坚持“三角”教育方式——学生、家庭和学校. 这三者联系在一起,确保每个孩子都能受到良好的教育. Thus, parents are considered integral to the success of their child. Regular communication, including parent-teacher conferences, online and/or paper progress reports, newsletters and, sometimes, parent portals, are the norm in an independent school. 鼓励家长积极参与网赌软件哪个好.  学校通常有大量的志愿者机会,欢迎你的参与.


Why do some people believe independent schools are exclusive or elitist?

Years ago, independent schools served only the affluent in our society; that is no longer the case.  Independent schools are now distinguished by adherence to mission, academic rigor, diversity, autonomy, character education, and service learning programs in an environment that fosters respect.


When is the best time to send my child to an independent school? Elementary, Middle or Upper school?

To fully benefit from an independent school education, the optimal time for a child to enroll is PreKindergarten or Kindergarten, while continuing in a similar school community through graduation. 独立小学通常为学生提供坚实的学术基础和学习技能,这将使他们受益终生.  Middle schools usually focus on the emerging young adults; many schools have advisory and character education programs to guide students though this transitional stage. Independent upper schools generally provide rigorous academic work, opportunities for leadership, service-learning in the community and athletics, and opportunities for strong college placement guidance.


Do independent schools have good sports programs?

Independent schools typically offer a wide range of sports, often have excellent facilities, and encourage students to participate and experience multiple sports. 独立学校认识到课外活动的重要性,因此致力于一个成功的项目.


What can I expect from teachers in an independent school?

选择在独立学校任教的教师对孩子充满热情,并致力于在他们的学科领域精益求精.  他们理解与学生形成关系的价值,并以多种身份与学生合作(课堂教师), club sponsor, coach, advisor).  他们重视在课程的创建和实施中给予的自主权,这些课程既符合学校的使命,又能吸引学生. 老师重视家长/老师/学生的关系,欢迎家长的意见.


What is the value of small class size for my child?

Small classes allow faculty to truly get to know each child.  Teachers have time to monitor progress, answer questions in depth, and build a relationship with each child.  Additionally, small class size allows time for interdisciplinary projects, collaboration, technology integration, and field trips.


My child has a learning difference. Is there any room for my child in an independent school?

有一些NAIS学校的使命是致力于帮助学习有差异的学生. In addition, 一些学校有一个学术支持项目,由经过培训的专家来处理儿童及其独特的学习风格和差异.


Independent school tuition is quite high. How will I know if my family will qualify for financial assistance?

Financial assistance is based on family need; many families with above-average family incomes will qualify for some support.  The amount of assistance varies from school to school.  As part of the admission process, many schools will allow you to submit a Financial Aid form, which is the initial step in calculating the financial aid award.  The average NAIS school in the region provides financial aid to 16.7% of its families (NAIS Statistics).



私立学校越来越坚持以下价值观和技能,这对21世纪的成功至关重要, according to former NAIS President Pat Bassett:  Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking, Character Education and Cosmopolitism, or the understanding of global communities.  In the fall 2011 edition of Independent School magazine, an NAIS publication, 一篇题为《网赌软件哪个好》的文章, 引用了公立学校和私立学校毕业生之间令人印象深刻的比较数据.


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