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Allen is defining and refining a truly unique—and increasingly necessary— educational experience, as it becomes a recognized leader in teaching the skills and attitudes of Adaptive Expertise.

Vision Statement
The vision for Allen Academy is as simple as it is bold: we will be the best preparatory school in Texas.
What does being “the best prep school” mean for Allen?
We believe in order to be truly prepared for college, for change, for happiness, for success – for life – you need the combination of skills and attitudes embodied in adaptive expertise.
What will Allen Academy be known for?
Being THE school for graduating confident, independent learners who are fully prepared to adapt to anything that comes their way.
So what is Adaptive Expertise?
Adaptive expertise is essentially the combination of skills and attitudes to be prepared that are necessary not only to face, but to welcome an increasingly uncertain future; it’s a model built on an intentionally intimate scale. It’s all about developing self within relationships and consistently promoting the value of grit, self-awareness, and a growth mindset as well as the importance of challenging assumptions and taking risks within a safe environment.
What does Adaptive Expertise mean for Allen Academy graduates in college?
In college, Allen alumni exhibit leadership, find passion for future work or study, and tinker with ideas that may become a business or career—they continue to hone a personal vision.
What about beyond college?
Allen alumni are self-confident, engaged team players. They immerse themselves into their work with a work hard/play hard attitude. Our alumni feel and respect fear of the unknown, but are not afraid to make mistakes. They willingly take on seemingly impossible tasks.
Instead of just “college prepared,” we want alumni to be fully prepared. Adaptive expertise in our alums is about attitude: optimism and resilience. For example, if their company dissolves and they are out of work, they see it as an opportunity to start over, using their gifts and talents to create something new and better.
What about alumni further down the road?
In their later years, whether officially “retired” or not, alumni of Allen Academy still love what they do so much that they can’t walk away from it. They are engaged with their community, still contributing, and investing in the next generation of adaptive experts.
How can you feel and understand this vision?
Come visit us.